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Is Advanced Hearing Aid Technology Better For You?

Hearing Problems? Need to find out if hearing aids will work for you? Auburn & Mountain Hearing Centre has an experienced Doctor of Audiology available to answer all your questions!

Hearing Aid Fact: Cost and Stigma are two important factors that may deter clients from treating their hearing loss with hearing aids.

The cost of hearing devices is probably the most important thing people worry about when considering purchasing hearing aids, but did you know that hearing aids in Ontario are regulated with respect to pricing. That’s right; the Government of Ontario does not allow vendors of hearing aids to mark the price of hearing aids up. Everyone in Ontario is entitled to a grant from the Assistive Devices Program towards the purchase of hearing aids. So that low priced hearing aid you see advertised at one clinic is also available at any clinic in Ontario at that same price. What many people do not know though, is that hearing aids are classified as a medical device and a prescription is required in order to purchase them. Only a Physician or an audiologist can legally prescribe hearing aids in Ontario. Also, the success a client obtains from wearing a properly prescribed set of hearing aids depends on the training and experience of the person fitting the hearing aids to the hearing loss. Research has shown that consumers expressed a significant preference for the services provided by Audiologists over all other providers of hearing aid services.

The cost of the hearing aid is also tied to the satisfaction one has with hearing aids. That old adage, “you get what you pay for” certainly holds true with respect to prices of hearing aids. The lower priced hearing aids may work for quiet listening, but not in all cases and many clients will continue to struggle in the presence of noise.

Some good news! Finally, the stigma associated with wearing hearing aids is slowly disappearing. Did you know that 1 in 3 people in Canada now have a hearing loss? The hearing aids are getting smaller and are now very stylish and sophisticated. There are also different options to help you hear television and on the telephone better than ever before. New technology is available at our clinics and it’s the latest for state of the art hearing devices. The technology is designed to support your brain. All the hard work your brain does to understand sound, locate sound in a room, focus on conversation and tune out noise is supported by the advanced hearing aid chip. Come and try our No Obligation Trial and see what advanced digital hearing technology can do for you.

At our clinics, the premium level technology is available to purchase. Come see our Dr. of Audiology who is also the only nationally certified Audiologist in the Kitchener-Waterloo, and Hamilton area. Free parking available. We welcome all WSIB and DVA patients. No referral is required!

Why trust your hearing to anyone else?

Contact us today and take charge of your hearing!


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